Sunday, 9 June 2013

Health Promotions - How to Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym

Health Clubs Enter the 21st Century with Social Media Marketing and Social Networking for Weight Loss Your health club offers numerous benefits to your clients, from workout equipment to personal trainers and everything in between. However, chances are good that your club is not as successful as it might be, nor are you doing everything that you can to help your clients enjoy the best possible health and fitness. One of the best ways to change this situation is to make use of social media marketing with your own online social networking site for diet and weight loss. Cut the Cost of Ads Marketing is one of the costliest things for your health club. However, with an online social networking site for diet and weight loss, you can actually encourage your members to spread the word on your behalf. That immediately cuts the cost of your marketing by a substantial amount. Increasing Viable Leads For most health clubs, attracting real leads can be difficult. However, with the power of social media marketing and a custom social networking site, you can enjoy a dramatic boost here. Your prospects will be delivered to an incredible site, and encouraged to join free of charge. You'll enjoy substantial traffic right away. It's All about Community Facilitating a sense of community is what online social networking is all about. You can build a sense of community with your users and enjoy a 40% increase in member retention. When you provide your clients with tools unavailable to them elsewhere, they're more likely to stay with your club. Increase Hours, Not Costs Another advantage to having a social network for diet, weight loss and better fitness for your health club is that you'll be able to offer longer service hours, without actually increasing the cost to your club. You can market your club at all hours of the day or night, without doing anything more than you do now. More Value Equals More Clients Having your own online social networking site also allows you to provide more value to your clients. The right site will provide them with more than 50 powerful tools to encourage weight loss, better health and higher fitness levels. Referral Rate Increases Because your users will be able to invite their friends and family to join your club, you'll see a 25% increase in your referral rates. That equates to dramatically better success at no additional cost to you. Your Clients Already Do It 95% of your clients already use social networking in their daily lives. Having your own social networking site for weight loss and diet encourages them to socialize and interact within your community and capitalizes on their ingrained habits. Share Ideas, Communicate Better With your own social networking site, you can encourage your clients to take an active role in improving the club. You can easily find information and encourage better communication, as well as foster a sense of ownership in your club members, all at no additional cost. Boost Brand Recognition and Goodwill Social media marketing offers superior exposure and can help increase goodwill, as well. You'll find that there is simply no better way to generate more awareness for your club and reap the rewards of that awareness. Operates Itself Finally, you'll find that running your own online social networking site for diet and weight loss requires no management - it runs itself. It's also immensely low cost and simple to implement. Partner Us Investment Strategy Car Insurance Online Auto Insurance Company